Meet the Artisan

Scott Karper

Handcrafted Woodwork & Art

Cumberland Valley Connection: Born & raised on orchard near Mt. Alto outside Chambersburg. CASHS ’67. Had house & small animal practice in the 90’s.

Schooling: Practical learning on the fruit farm and self-taught.

A little about Scott: I am a retired veterinarian, born & raised in Chambersburg. My wife & I spent 16 years as missionaries in Honduras with Christian Veterinary Mission, where I helped indigenous farmers with their animals and also set up a woodworking project for the village. We have 2 sons and 2 grandsons in Oregon. I enjoy gardening & reading in my free time. When friends cut down a tree, they call me to come get the wood I want. I enjoy seeing the patterns in the wood grain show themselves in the turning of my bowls.

Favorite Season: Summer