Meet the Artisan

Paola Diaz

Owner, Art & Design Pao Diaz

Cumberland Valley Connection: Lives & creates in Chambersburg, PA

Schooling: Bachelor of Engineering and Architecture, part of the academic training includes design and artistic representations.

A little about Pao Diaz: 
I am a life and Art lover, with a Mexican background culture. As a child, I was in love with art, creating with crayons, paper and watercolors. I earned a professional degree as an Architect, and during that time I learned different methods of artistic representation, like acrylics, pastels, watercolors, ink, airbrush, and professional markers. After working as an Architect and facing my new role as a mom, I decided to start a new chapter as an Artist and Designer. The mix of cultures in my origins and nature are the main influences in my work.

Favorite Season: My favorite season is Spring! When everything blooms and the earth is renewed! It seems like a new opportunity to reinvent ourselves.