Meet the Artisan

Jean Frey

Owner, Jean Frey Paintings 

Cumberland Valley Connection: I have lived in the CV for 6 years. We came here to be close to our kids and grandkids.

Schooling: Virginia Tech, George Mason University,Carol Begley’s Atelier in Beaver, PA

A little about Jean: Jean Frey works primarily in oil paint and pastel, but also sketches and draws in charcoal and pen and ink. While she enjoys painting in her studio, she has discovered the joys of plein air painting. She started a plein air painting group known as the Mountain Valley Plein Air Painters. Her work is influenced by the Impressionists and the teachers with whom she has been fortunate to study. Jean loves working to capture the light and shadows, but also enjoys putting bright and intense colors in her paintings.

Favorite Season: I love Summer, but I very much enjoy painting all seasons.