Meet the Artisan

Greg & Tara Hildebrand

Owners, Honey Bee Friendly

Cumberland Valley Connection: York, Adams, Cumberland, and Perry counties in Pennsylvania are home to our bee operation.

Schooling: Self-taught beekeepers

A little about Honey Bee Friendly: Established in 2012, Honey Bee Friendly was born out of a curiosity for honeybees that soon turned into a passion for beekeeping. Migratory beekeeping is how we chase regional honey blooms, by taking advantage of different climates that benefit our bees’ health while also boosting productivity. Every fall, we migrate south and our bees enjoy thousands of acres of South Carolina conservation land through the winter months. After the South Carolina spring bloom, we move back north to our home region.

Favorite Season: Spring when food is most abundant for the bees. So many local trees & flowers are in bloom!