Meet the Artisan

Frances Drost

Owner, Musical Creations
Producer, Portraits of White Winter Concert

Cumberland Valley Connection: I am a Cumberland Valley native! Born in the Carlisle hospital & raised on a farm just outside of Newville. I moved away for about 5 years, but when I got married, I returned to the valley to begin my life as a wife and musician. I’ve lived in the same house in Newville for over 30 years.

Schooling: Bible School in Oklahoma, studied piano & voice privately in the CV

A little about Frances: I started playing the piano when I was a little girl and could barely reach the keys. I started writing music in the early 90’s after a unique experience in my life and when an opportunity came my way to begin recording the songs I was writing, I gathered my courage and made my first CD project right here in the CV. Many albums later, I still enjoy playing the piano, writing music and sharing that music with audiences.

Favorite Season: I love the 4 seasons. When I lived in places like FL and OK, the greatest thing I missed, other than my family, was the change in seasons.