Meet the Artisan

Becky Lee & Anna Beiler

Owners, Plum Baby 

Cumberland Valley Connection: Born & raised in the CV!

Schooling: Sewing

A little about Becky Lee: 
In 2013, sisters Becky and Anna partnered together to grow an inventory of heartfelt, handmade baby apparel, blankets, toys, decor, & newborn necessities in a variety of delightfully patterned fabrics. As a seasoned mother herself, Becky wants only the best for her little ones, and for yours, as well. They care just as deeply about the materials & craftsmanship sewn into each product as the babies who snuggle up in them. You can trust that each product you purchase from Plum Baby for the little ones you love is heartfelt & handmade. Plum Baby specializes in using 100% organic fabric.

Favorite Season: