Meet the Artisan

Angela Martin

Owner, Amenity Wraps  

Cumberland Valley Connection: I was born and raised here in the CV.

Schooling: Sewing skills & training

A little about Angela: I grew up on a dairy farm and began working in our family farm store as a young girl. I learned that I really enjoyed working with people and making a sale was a highlight for me. Being raised in the Mennonite culture, I learned how to sew, as most Mennonite women do. Soon after I was married, these experiences were helpful for me as I started pursuing my own brand. After a major fall and back injury, I discovered herbal wraps to be a great relief to my pain. I really wanted to share them with others. My dream of opening my own store came true. Starting Amenity has been an adventure that has taught me so much. Serving others with a handmade product that I believe in brings me so much joy.

Favorite Season: Winter – The Christmas Holiday!