About Us

Who We Are

The Cumberland Shop is a brick & mortar location in Downtown Shippensburg that promotes and sells the work of Artisans with ties to the Cumberland Valley.

What We Do

The Cumberland Shop was formed with the goal of providing an incubator center for emerging art and Artisan businesses with an emphais on identifying and assisting woman and minority owned art and Artisan business enterprises from the Shippensburg Community.

Why We Do It

Our area is rich in artistry, beauty, commerce, agriculture, and talent but there are limited locations where artisans can show their work. We opened a new world for local Artisans to sell and display their work, and the experience of walking into a shop and seeing the artistry with your own eyes, holding it with your own hands, and smelling the aromas of locally made products.

Who We Benefit

As a nonprofit, we are proud to supportĀ  Oasis International Training Centre, Appalachian Trail Conservancy, and Women in Need, with a portion of the proceeds from The Cumberland Shop.


(717) 300-7935